Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Remember When.....Vintage at TioT's

A journal page from me for the new challenge theme  of.....
that begins today at....

Please pop over to see how all the D.T. interpreted the theme
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On the left is a couple of photos I remembered to take as  I was enjoying making this journal page
For the background I  mopped up some  oxide inks that I had sprayed with water on my glass mat.
My favourite stencils were used next, some with modeling paste to give a bit of texture.
All the other additions came from my stash.

 My take on the Vintage theme  was a memory lane trip,  back to school days.
I was lucky mine were happy ones, but going back further I think girls must have had a hard time getting an education..  Most were sent off to work as soon as they reached school leaving age or expected to work in the home helping their mothers.

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Cats and Antiques

Another journal page featuring cats for
and Rike's theme of Animals from A to Z.

The cats I used for this page were torn from a paper napkin. I did have to touch up a few areas with coloured pencils as this napkin tore very easily when it was  being stuck down onto the page.
A few stencils in the background,
 then stamped with some wild flower stamps.
 I used distress inks and oxides  as  I wanted not so bright colours today.

The quote was computer generated,
 my writing is terrible.

I will say hello to Bleubeard and Squiggles here as I am also visiting with friends over at

where we are always made to feel very welcome with a drinks related post.

Today's drink comes together with a Hot Cross buttered bun.

This was our  treat  at the weekend .
We had been to  an Antiques/Retro Fair held in a school not to far away from where we live. A new venue for the organiser and they said they would be coming back later in the year, if it proved popular.

It was quite busy and not all stall holders like photos taken, but I did manage to get a few with the stall holders permission.

This was was selling all kinds of copperware. 
The weight of the copper pans  would be  far to heavy to have in my kitchen..
I did think the old leather shoes and the cuddly toys looked out of place among all the gleaming pots and pans.

Old tools and keys, hundreds of them and still the stall holder was advertising for more.

Husband was in his element, I left him chatting with the owner and had to go back and  get him moving  to see what else there was  to see at the fair.

I had to get a photo of the clock hanging over the corner of the box.
I think ,any kids would like one of these especially if they had the Hogwarts box as well.

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Dreams and Nightmares

My first share today is this tag for the current theme... 'Add a Quote'.......... over at

The background is coloured  oxide inks . Next , an old stamp embossed with gold powder , some added stencils and finished off with stamps from That's Crafty.


This following  page I  nearly  ripped out of my journal as it caused me all sorts of  nightmares..

A simple start, using  some older inkpads to create a background. Stamps of cats I have had for years , I think they came with a magazine.
So far so good,  but what to add next......
Add a couple of Tim Holtz cats?? by this time I was in complete add as much as you can mode.
I am not good at STOP here, its enough.
Even I can say to myself that this is a rather busy looking page,
 more inks etc. etc. being added.
So I will leave you to make your own minds up about this page, but I will say I did have fun.
The words were computer generated.
I even found a few more cat images  to add from the computer.[digital notes in my sidebar]
I will add this page to........

where Rike's theme is Animals,  A- to Z

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Friday, 16 February 2018

Birds of a feather.....Diary Day

Friday is diary day............ week 7

This is  the next page to use in my Dylusions diary. A page to colour in,  adding a few extras of my own .  I think you know by now  that I like to add colour to plain pages.
 I used distress oxides and water colours

Yesterday I shared this  digital page on my other blog and decided to share it here as well. It also fits the current A.J.J .theme

So I will join the folk at
 Art Journal Journey
again today for Rike's theme of Animals A  to  Z.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Tiger for AJJ

A  poem by William Blake  prompted me for this page in my 8 x 8 inch journal
I am really enjoying Rike's theme.... Animasl A to Z......  this month over at
 Art Journal Journey

This is a link to the Wikipedia page if you wanted to read the poem
 and see Blake's original illustrated  printing
from 1794

The tiger is a stamp, but it is another that I have had a while and cannot remember the maker.
 I used water colurs for the tiger and background.
Next I used a stencil and distress inks to add a little scenery.
 A tiger definition  I found on the net and a paper scrap were added next.
In the digital program I use I was able to get an image of my tigers head to add as an extra detail.
The poem is computer generated.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Share some love.

Its time to share some love as it will soon be Valentines day.
In case you wonder... no....  we don't celebrate this day in our home.
There is love in our home every day of the week and not just on special occasions.
So I will start off and say hello to friends over at

where we are always made welcome with a drinks related post .

There is my first cuppa today beside the computer as I am writing this post.

You can also see how my journal page began.

A paper hearts napkin, another  animal picture from the old calendar. A bit  of paint mop up on the page was easily  hidden as the layers went on top.
I also used the heart stencil as you  see in the first photo.

On the subject of photos my camera has needed a bit of care this week, which resulted in us having to make a trip to  The Metro Centre a large out of town shopping centre.  It turned out it needed a new battery as the one I use was  refusing to charge up. So much cheaper  than a new  camera.
Refreshments were needed, we decided to have a meal out in Frankie and Benny's .
Garlic mushrooms to begin, Lasagne  came next. I was flagging a bit by now as the portions were huge and I  did leave  some of this second course,  
This is always a popular eating place,  I was able to get a photo of the booth opposite us between diners.
My dink to end the meal was Tea  and we did have a laugh, it came as a brew your own, a mug of hot water with a teabag on the side.
I did find room for my added bonus of a small slice of chocolate fudge cake

A last photo to show  you today,
 of one of the patches of snowdrops in our garden.

We've even noticed the daffodils are  well on their way as well. Far to soon for some of  these flowers as winter hasn't left us yet.

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I will  be sharing my journal page  with friends at ....
and Rike's theme of Animals A to Z

Another reminder  is  for the current challenge theme of
 Love is in the Air.... at
Try it on Tuesdays

I think my  8 x 8 inch journal  page  fits both of  these themes.

Thanks for the reminder Susi for the theme over at
Moo Mania and More
Love...Valentines..... I will add the page over there as well


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Deer in the woods

Last year we were lucky to see  some deer and their young ones,
when we were walking in woodland.
 This memory prompted me to create this journal page for...

and Rike's theme of Animals A to Z

The page did start with base layers in my own journal, embossed stencils, torn book print and a few layers of paint, even a touch of gilding wax on the textured border.

It was completed in the digital program I use, adding  more layers and the images. [notes in my sidebar].

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